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Welcome to the 35th annual Lambtown Festival!

While I wish I could say that we were prescient in committing to a virtual festival early in the year – long before the delta variant of COVID forced many events to cancel last minute – the truth is that there wasn’t much of a choice. Our in-person festival takes around 12 months to plan each year, and once things began to open up, there simply wasn’t enough time to get through the permitting processes and additional planning due to COVID.

So, here we are again, staying safe and celebrating virtually one last time. Building off our trailblazing effort from last year, we have once again prepared an innovative, world-class festival experience for you. Our virtual Sheep to Shawl Competition and Workshops are back. Our popular vendor interviews are back. And – obviously, because you are reading this – the Lambtown Festival App is back!

This year, we added vendor “Open House” windows each day so that you can get in some one-on-one time with your favorite vendors. One thing often mentioned as being missing in virtual festivals – the tactile action of squishing a skein between one’s fingers – was addressed via our inaugural Party Packs, which sent samples via mail into attendees home just in time for festival weekend.

I am so proud of our Board of Directors here at Lambtown Festival for continuing to think outside of the box and to persevere. Like many of you, we’ve found the second year of COVID to be more challenging than the first. We hope Lambtown Festival serves as a way to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and lay the groundwork for getting back together in person at next year’s festival.

Be well and stay safe. I hope you have an enjoyable Lambtown Festival!

Roy Clemes

President, Board of Directors

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