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  • Wool Show: Saturday, October 7th, 9AM

    • Amy Manko wades through fleece after fleece to determine which one takes home the blue ribbon. Listen in on her comments to get a leg up on which ones you’ll want to take home once the sale begins.

  • Skeins and Textiles Competition: Sunday, October 8th, 9:30AM

    • Handspun yarn and knitted, crocheted, felted, or woven garments and textiles are judged for their quality and craftsmanship. Judge Kira Dulaney will pin yellow, red, and blue ribbons on these handmade items this year.

  • Sheep to Shawl Competition, Fairgrounds Division​: Sunday, 10AM

    • Teams of eight competitors card, spin, ply, and weave fleece into a shawl while the clock is ticking. Will all of the teams complete a shawl in time? Join us to watch this growing spectator sport. Kaye and Sand Luck determine the winner of the Fairgrounds Division before crowning a Grand Champion. Judging begins around 3PM.

  • Sheep Show: Sunday, 10AM

    • How do you tell a good sheep from a bad one? What makes a sheep a champion? Judge Rich Jacobsen will offer his insight in the show ring. Learn about the qualities shepherds look for to improve their flocks as primitive, meat, and modern wool breeds show off their best in the ring. Watch for the finale when two sheep are selected as Supreme Champions over all the sheep in the show.

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