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Sheep Show
Sunday October 8th - 10AM
Registration is closed, see you next year!
Sheep Show Rules and Information
Meet our judge for 2023: Richard Jacobsen

I am a fourth generation sheep producer, primarily as a seed stock producer. My Grandfathers and Dad raised competitive sheep here in California, going back into the 1940s. I am a retired High School Agriculture Instructor. I taught primarily Ag Mechanics, Welding fabrication and Construction. The program constructed farming and livestock equipment and was recognized as an award winning program. I also was fortunate to help guide over 30 student teachers into the profession as a Master teacher.

My wife, Leanne, and Son, Cody, have made the sheep family operation whole. Our family vacations were at Stock Shows with our sheep families. Blessed times that have given us a wholesome environment to grow our family. We competed on the open circuit for 14 years in the 80s and 90s and then focused on Cody’s junior shows from 1998-2008. We currently raise Suffolk and Montadale sheep, exhibiting them at the California State Fair and The NAILE, in Louisville, KY. and market them at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, Missouri annually.

Our lamb is also direct marketed at Farmers markets in a 3 county area. This idea was solely the brain trust of Leanne. The product is our raised product, that is harvested by Superior Farms in Dixon, CA. The grain fed product has been sought after by foodies, restaurants, and locals that enjoy a premium product.

I have also been fortunate to judge numerous sheep and wool shows throughout the west coast, All American, State Fairs, and at the NAILE. I have also been the Sheep and Goat superintendent, a position I share with my son at the California State Fair. I have sat on numerous Fair advisory committees and am President of the National Montadale Sheep Breeders association and Vice President of the North American Suffolk Sheep Society.

Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate the Open breeding sheep at Lambtown Festival!

“Some days you just find greatness. I could take the ear hair off this sheep and it would be better than a lot of the fleece that I’ve seen over the years.” -Judge Sean Eldridge on the 2022 Champion Fine Wool Ram from Mendenhall Wool Ranch (Pictured Below)


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