Welcome to the 34th
annual Lambtown Festival!

Welcome to the 34th annual Lambtown Festival! Each of the thirty-three previous editions have been unique in their own way, though all had one thing in common: they took place in Dixon. Whether it was downtown, in Hall Park, or at the Dixon May Fairgrounds, Lambtown Festival has always brought people together to celebrate our passion about sheep, lamb, and wool. 

In many respects, this year’s festival is the same as in years past: it is a place to learn, a place to share, and a place to engage our community. In one respect though, this year’s festival is completely different than any other year: it is not in just one place. While Lambtown Festival will still take place in Dixon - in many living rooms, kitchens, and backyards throughout our beloved city, it will also take place across all of Northern California, the Western U.S., and even abroad. Thank you for joining us for Lambtown Festival this year, no matter where you are tuning in from. 

I am very proud of the work of our board of directors this year. The board made a very difficult decision to hold a virtual festival, when other festivals in Northern California and other sheep and wool shows throughout the country were outright cancelling. But we knew - especially this year, of all years - that the one thing we would miss most if we cancelled was the feeling you get when you walk through the gate, hear the sound of sheep coming from the barns, and just know that you’re in the right place. 

And so the board persevered, making bold decisions about each part of this virtual festival. Instead of, “how do we hold this part of the festival virtually,” we asked, “how we would we do this if we were starting from scratch with a virtual festival?” It certainly was not the easiest approach, but the response to our efforts has been overwhelming.

As of this writing in early September, we have already set new records for the number of workshop students, vendor applicants, and sheep to shawl teams. Those kinds of things make all our efforts worth it and let us know how much you all appreciate having a place to learn, share and engage. We have received message after message of gratitude for creating a place where people can come together – even if not in person – to commiserate over the year’s events, make new friends and catch up with old ones, and bond over shared passions.

Welcome to Lambtown Festival. You’re in the right place.

Roy Clemes

President, Board of Directors

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