Welcome to the 35th
annual Lambtown Festival!

Hello there!

Lambtown Festival is just a couple of months away! Our board works year-round to ensure that festival weekend goes smoothly, and usually by Spring we have already signed contracts with vendors, instructors, and the fairgrounds, and begun finalizing details and setting plans into action. With the ongoing uncertainty created by the pandemic, that is not yet possible.

Last year, we held off on deciding the status of the festival until June, when it finally became clear that holding the festival virtually was our only viable option. This year, with vaccinations being distributed and varying levels of restrictions throughout the state, we have been tasked with an even more difficult decision to make.

It is unclear whether the festival could happen in-person with even 50% capacity, and unlikely that operating on such limited capacity would be financially viable for our vendors or the festival itself, since some costs such as renting the fairground and tents are the same regardless of how many people are allowed inside. The Lambtown Festival Board of Directors has decided – for the health and safety of everyone involved, in the best interest of continuing our festival in the future, and considering the extreme and ongoing uncertainty due to the pandemic – to hold our festival virtually once again this year.

We learned a lot while working on last year’s ground-breaking virtual festival and consider it to have been a great success. So many of you reached out with positive feedback about the experience and after months of hard work, we appreciated hearing you enjoyed the virtual festival. With even more time to prepare and all that experience to draw on, we are excited to improve and expand the event.

Keep an eye on your inbox and your social media feeds as we will start unveiling our plans soon. Thank you for being a part of the Lambtown Festival family – we hope to see you soon!

Be well and stay safe,


Roy Clemes

President, Board of Directors

Lambtown Festival 2021


Volunteers Needed!

With such a limited time between planning and implementation, we held last year’s virtual festival with a skeleton crew of volunteers and our board members put in some long days and late nights. Now that we’ve got one under our belt – and hoping to increase both our reach and our offerings this year – we have the capacity and need for volunteers for this year’s virtual festival. There is a range of need encompassing both advance planning and festival weekend support, and tasks for people with a variety of skillsets. If you are willing to lend a helping hand, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.