Sheep to Shawl Competition
2018 Sheep to Shawl Results:
1st place - Silverado Spinsters
2nd place - Del Oro Spinners and Weavers
3rd place - Spindles and Flyers Team 1
(from left to right, first place, second place, third place)
2018 Information and Rules

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Judge: Stephenie Gaustad

9:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

(45 minute lunch 11:30-12:15)


Teams of eight members will demonstrate and explain the process of preparing the fleece, spinning the singles, plying the yarn, and weaving a shawl in a four and one-half (4.5) hour time limit.


Teams will provide their own fleece.  There is no breed requirement.  The fleece may be washed and/or dyed but no processing, including picking is allowed.  The teams may choose any fiber (as long as it is 75% wool) for the warp.  Weft wool will be prepared for spinning during the contest by teasing, flicking, hand carding, hand combing, or using a (non-electric) drum carder.  Other fibers (up to 10% by weight) can be added to the weft fiber.


  • The handwoven shawl must be a minimum of 19” wide and 72” long off loom, excluding fringe.  No electric fringe twister allowed.  Design, color and patterns to be at the discretion of team and weaving guidelines.

  • Loom must be manually operated, can use no more than 4 harnesses, and Sett must be a minimum of 8 EPI.  Loom is to arrive at the competition warped and tied on only, no header woven.

  • Each Sheep-to-Shawl Team is to consist of not more than eight(8) people as follows: 1 weaver, 4 spinners, 1 plyer, 1 go’fer, and 1 Educational Liaison. Team members can exchange jobs with other team members as long as the totals for any position are not exceeded, i.e., no more than 4 spinners, 1 weaver, 1 plyer, 1 go’fer, 1 Educational Liaison.  All team members except the Education Liaison may work on weft fiber prep.  The Educational Liaison does not work on shawl, their job is to interact, communicate, demonstrate and dispense information to the public.

  • Warp can be commercial or handspun, natural colored or dyed, but must be at least 75% wool.  Extra points will be awarded for handspun warp. (See Scoring)

  • Weft fiber will be provided by each team. It can be washed and dyed, but must NOT be picked, prior to the competition.  Weft fiber can be teased, flicked, hand carded, hand combed, and/or one non-electric drum carder per team can be used in weft fiber preparation during competition.  Additionally, teams may add up to 10% (by weight) of additional fibers.  All yarns must be plied.  Weft yarn can NOT exceed twice the size of the warp yarn.


There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. 



Points will be awarded for spinning, weaving (technical), pattern design, overall quality, team identification/display, handspun warp, and speed.  The judge’s decision will be final.

New this year: Finished shawls will be on display with the Skeins and Textiles competition entries through Sunday, October 7, 3 p.m.

Sheep to Shawl Information and Rules

Sheep to Shawl Entry Form

Please use the entry form to apply and direct any questions to:

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