Sheep Show
Sheep​ ​Show​ ​Champions​ ​2018
Supreme​ ​Meat​ ​Breed​ ​-​ ​Shropshire Yearling Ram - Andy Edmondson
Supreme​ ​Wool​ ​Breed​ ​​​-​ ​Merino​ Ram Lamb - Terry Mendenhall
Division 1 Purebred Meat Breeds - Champion Ram - Andy Edmondson
Division 1 Purebred Meat Breeds - Champion Ewe - Andy Edmondson
Division 2 Purebred Hair Breeds - Champion Ram - Cindy Middleton
Division 2 Purebred Hair Breeds - Champion Ewe -Willo Vieira
Division 3 Purebred White Fine Wool Breeds - Champion Ram – Terry Mendenhall
Division 3 Purebred White Fine Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe - Terry Mendenhall
Division 4 Purebred White Medium Wool Breeds - Champion Ram - Nancy Burns
Division 4 Purebred White Medium Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe - Glenda Riddle
Division 5 Purebred White Long Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe - Andrew Anderson
Division 6 Natural Colored Fine Wool Breeds - Champion Ram - Terry Mendenhall
Division 6 Natural Colored Fine Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe - Terry Mendenhall
Division 7 Natural Colored Medium Wool Breeds - Champion Ram - Nancy Burns
Division 7 Natural Colored Medium Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe - Emily Anderson
Division 8 Natural Colored Long Wool Breeds - Champion Ram - Amy Mendenhall
Division 8 Natural Colored Long Wool Breeds - Champion Ewe – Amy Mendenhall
Division 9 Purebred Primitive Breeds - Champion Ram - Robin Lynde
Division 9 Purebred Primitive Breeds - Champion Ewe – Robin Lynde
Division 10 Junior Purebred Meat/Hair Breeds - Champion Ram - Dane Nelson
Division 10 Junior Meat/Hair Breeds - Champion Ewe – Emily Anderson
Division 11 Junior Wool/Primitive Breeds - Champion Ram - Elora Marks
Division 11 Junior Wool/Primitive Breeds - Champion Ewe – Elora Marks




Sunday, October 7, 2018 10:00 a.m.​


We have increased premiums for

Lambtown Festival 2018!

Premiums will be awarded as follows:

1st place - $15  each class

2nd place - $10 each class

Champion Ram - $35 each division

Champion Ewe - $35 each division

Supreme, meat breeds - $125

Supreme, wool breeds - $125

Sheep Show Judge: Geof Ruppert


Exhibitors should read all rules carefully prior to submitting entries. Exhibitors must agree to comply with all rules.

1. Entries:

The entry fee for the Sheep Show is $10 per sheep.  Entry fees should be paid by check.

A penalty of $25 will be charged for checks returned by the bank.  No entry fees will be refunded.
Entry forms must be postmarked by September 21, 2018.

2. Divisions and Classes: 

Divisions 1 – 9 are open to senior exhibitors over the age of 18.
Division 10 and 11 are for junior exhibitors, ages 9 - 18.  Any breed with 4 or more exhibitors may petition the Show Coordinator for a separate Division.
3. Ownership and Exhibitors: 

All sheep entered in the Sheep Show must be owned by the exhibitor. 

An exhibitor can be an individual or a ranch/farm.  Two adults sharing the same ranch/farm name are defined as one exhibitor. Juniors may share the ranch/farm name of a senior exhibitor.

4. Entry Limits:

There is a limit of two sheep per class per exhibitor.  Individual animals may only be entered in one Division.

5. Registration:

All sheep entered in the Sheep Show must be registered with their breed association or other recognized registry  (e.g., NCWGA for natural colored sheep).  Registration papers must be presented to Show Staff at check-in.

6. Substitution:

Substitution of an animal is permitted as long as it is in the same Class and Division as the original entry.  Show Staff must be notified of the substitution at check in or the animal will be disqualified.

7. ID and Health:

All sheep must possess USDA-approved ear tags with Premise Numbers.
Any sheep with symptoms of infectious disease or parasites must be removed from the Fairgrounds upon request of the Show Coordinator.

8. Exhibit/Sale Only:

Exhibitors may enter sheep for sale only, not to be shown.  Sale sheep are
Charged the regular entry fee of $10.  Each exhibitor will be allowed a maximum of two sale pens. Sale only sheep should be entered in Class 00 on the Entry Form.


9. Ranch Display Pen:

Exhibitors may request a Ranch Display Pen to display information about their breed and/or products from their sheep.  This will be a pen in the barn adjacent to the exhibitor’s  sheep.  One Display Pen per ranch will be offered free of charge.

10. Sales: No fleece sales are allowed in the Sheep Barn.

All fleeces must be sold through the Wool Sale.  Sheep sales are permitted in the Sheep Barn. All animal sales are by private treaty.

11. Arrival/Check-In:

The Sheep Barn will be available for arrival at 3:00 pm on Friday, October 5, 2018.  Sheep exhibitors should drive through Gate F on E. Chestnut St. for unloading.  Check in hours will be 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Friday.  Any exhibitors arriving late should call the Show Coordinator. All exhibitors should check with the Show Staff for pen assignments before unloading.
Pen assignments will be posted in the corners of the Sheep Barn.

12. Animal Care:

All sheep must be properly cared for at all times.  Feed must be provided daily and water checked and refilled twice a day.  Exhibitors shall treat all livestock in a humane manner. Any exhibitor not attending to their stock or observed mistreating stock shall be required to remove themselves and their animals from the Fairgrounds and forfeit all awards.

13. Maintenance:

Pens, aisles, and tack rooms must be kept neat.   Electrical cords, hoses, and other equipment should be kept out of the aisles for the safety of the public.

14. Show Time/Date:

In 2018, the Sheep Show will be held on Sunday, October 7 at 10 am.  

Judging will proceed by Division Number.

15. Dogs:

Pet dogs are not allowed in the barn areas or on the Fairgrounds at any time. Working livestock dogs must be leashed and supervised by the owner at all times.

16. Provisions:

Exhibitors may order straw bales for bedding on the entry form.  Straw will be delivered to the sheep barn.  For exhibitors needing feed, Higby’s Country Feed is located 3 miles north of the Fairgrounds on Currey Road.

17. Release Time:

All sheep will be released at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday,October 7, 2018. This rule exists to assure that animals are available for public viewing throughout the festival.  Early departure will result in forfeiture of all awards.

18. Final Say:

The Lambtown Festival reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and to settle all matters questioned or disputed.


Sheep Show Entry Form - Criteria - Division (PDF)

SHEEP SHOW Judging  Criteria


1. The judge shall award placements according to merit, and if without merit the judge shall make no award. The judge’s decisions are final and cannot be protested.


2. Sheep will be judged in accordance with the standards of their breed associations. Breed associations are invited to submit their judging criteria to the Show Coordinator.


3. Wool breeds will be judged will be 60% on wool quality and 40% on confirmation. Wool length should allow assessment of quality. Recommended minimums: 1.5 inches in fine wools, 2 inches in medium wools, and 3 inches in long wools. Wool should be left in its natural condition; washing, carding and blocking are strongly discouraged.


4. Dual-purpose breeds of sheep may be entered in either Meat Breed or Wool Breed Divisions based on the criteria by which the exhibitor wishes them to be judged.


5. A Division with less than eight head or less than three exhibitors may be combined with another Division at the discretion of the Show Coordinator.

Geof Ruppert Sheep Show Judge

Dr. Geof Ruppert is a shepherd and companion animal veterinarian from Fairfield, Pennsylvania. He has been raising purebred Corriedales since the late ’70s and keeps a separate grade flock of fine wool sheep. The farm caters to the handspinning market, and Dr. Ruppert has been conducting an artificial insemination program since 2001 to improve the wool in the flock using Australian sires.

Dr. Ruppert got started judging sheep in the ’90s on the Maryland State 4-H livestock judging team. Over the years, he has served as judge for the Black Sheep Gathering, the National Corriedale Junior Show and the National Merino Sale, among others, and has judged Corriedale junior sheep twice at Bendigo, Australia, the world’s largest sheep show.

As a judge, Geof believes in following the score card of each breed closely. He is an advocate for good breed character within each breed, and for placing emphasis on sound wool quality in the dual purpose and natural colored sheep classes.

As a shepherd, Geof has been awarded Supreme Champion at Maryland Sheep and Wool multiple times.  He has also won Best Fleeced sheep at the National Corriedale Show and many times at Maryland.  His handspinning Corriedale and fine wool fleeces sell out every year. 

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