Spinning Blended Fibers with Abby Franquemont


Are you interested in getting a better handle on spinning blended fibers? You're in luck! In this class, we'll work with an assortment of blends from small independent producers and larger mills, and help you understand how to make the yarn of your dreams from the beautiful blends on the market today, as well as ones you can make with processing equipment like a drum carder. We'll work  with drum carded batts as well as combed top. You can take this class with any spinning equipment you like. You'll need to be comfortable enough to make a full spindle or bobbin of yarn with your tool of choice, and you will need to find a smooth batt, a textured batt, a wool/silk combed top, and a combed top or batt with at least 3 kinds of fiber.


Workshop Cost:

Pay What You Can: $30, $50, or $70. This year’s workshop pricing is a three-tier PWYC, or Pay What You Can. This pricing model allows us to set a modest break-even point and to split the profits with the instructors beyond that. We hope that those of you who can afford to pay more will do so, and that offering a lower tier makes Lambtown Festival Workshops more affordable and inclusive in this difficult year. *Please note: We will not disclose which tier any student chooses and all students will be treated equally by Lambtown Festival and our instructors.


Workshop Details:

This workshop will be live with Abby on Saturday, September 18th, starting at 12:30pm Pacific. The workshop will be recorded and available for students to re-watch at their convenience through the end of the year, with the opportunity to watch multiple times as you work through the techniques or simply soak up the expert advice. Students will get a chance to ask the instructor questions during the live webinar.


Registered students will receive a link to the webinar closer to the event date and a link to the recordeding afterward, and are asked to respect the instructor's work by not sharing their login credentials to allow friends to access the video.


Instructor Bio:

Abby Franquemont, author of Respect the Spindle, finally realized her lifelong dream of returning to live in Peru, where she grew up spinning, weaving, and doing outrageous yarn tricks just like all the other kids in town. Confined by the pandemic to an ancient compound in the Inca sector of the town of Ollantaytambo, she spends her time spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, writing, developing online content, writing bios she hopes are entertaining, and daydreaming about when we'll all get to do things together again in person. 


Spinning Blended Fibers