Recorded Successful Yarn Substitution including Handspun Yarn with Kira Dulaney


Workshop Description: It can be nerve-wracking to switch the yarn on a project, but sometimes necessary. Learning how to pick (or spin) a successful substitute means you’ll never have to abandon a pattern written for a discontinued yarn, make a sweater too warm for your climate, choose from a line of colors you don’t like, or feel required to buy a yarn that's not in your budget. It will also help you match your handspun stash to patterns. We’ll talk about all of the considerations, with a special focus on how fiber content and yarn construction affect the finished project.


Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced


Students Should Have: No materials needed.


Recorded Workshop Details: This workshop was recorded exclusively for Lambtown Festival. Students who registered before the festival were invited to attend a webinar with the instructor, in which the instructor answered live questions from students. The recorded workshop is available for purchase now through the end of the year. Students have the opportunity to watch each video multiple times as they work through the techniques or simply soak up the expert advice.


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Instructor Bio: Kira Dulaney has been teaching fiber arts classes and hosting crafty events in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond since 2002. As a teacher, her focus is on providing valuable information in a stress-free environment, and supporting students through the learning process. She is also the designer behind Kira K Designs, a line of original knitting and crochet patterns and kits featuring clean lines and intriguing details that are both interesting to make and easy to wear.

Recorded Successful Yarn Substitution workshop