Fiber Prep for Speed and Efficiency with Roy Clemes


Workshop Description: For some people, fiber prep is an enjoyable stage of the sheep to shawl process. For others, it is something to be done as quickly as possible to get on to spinning, plying, knitting, or weaving. Luckily, this class has something for both types of people! In this demonstration style workshop, we’ll cover not only the quickest ways to create rolags, batts, and slivers (roving), but also the techniques to be most efficient with your time. If you are a Sheep to Shawl Competitor or a process-based artist, this class will show you how to get from point A to point B and have time left over to stop and smell the roses – or more appropriately, the fleece.


Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced


Students Should Have: Fiber preparation tools and fleece. Techniques will be shown on a variety of tools, including a flicker, Lock Pop, hand cards, blending board, and drum carder, but that does not mean that student will need all of them to put the techniques into practice.


Recorded Workshop Details: This workshop was recorded exclusively for Lambtown Festival. Students who registered before the festival were invited to attend a webinar with the instructor, in which the instructor answered live questions from students. The recorded workshop is available for purchase now through the end of the year. Students have the opportunity to watch each video multiple times as they work through the techniques or simply soak up the expert advice.


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Instructor Bio: Roy grew up working in his family’s woodshop and is the younger half of the Clemes & Clemes duo, making innovative, generational fiber art equipment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their company is known throughout the world for the high quality of their designs, especially their fiber preparation tools. In pre-COVID times, Roy and his father travelled coast to coast to vend and teach at fiber festivals around the country. They regularly consult and instruct spinners, felters, fiber growers, and professional fiber artists in the art of fiber preparation. You can find their company on Instagram @clemesandclemes and visit their website at Roy frequently contributes to PLY Magazine and is the president of Lambtown Festival, the largest sheep and wool show in California. He and his wife live in the SF Bay Area with their terribly cute toddler, two very spoiled sheep, and their latest arrivals, two rescue puppies.

Recorded Fiber Prep for Speed and Efficiency workshop