Approachable Indigo Dyeing with Brooke Sinnes


Workshop Description: Using 3 ingredients - indigo, lye, and hydros - plus filtered water I will show you how to make an approachable indigo vat at home. This vat works equally well for protein and cellulose fibers. We will also talk about strategies to make greens and purples in addition to blues.


Experience Level: All levels


Students Should Have: Nothing required. The handout will specify sources for materials if you want to make your own indigo vat.


Recorded Workshop Details: This workshop was recorded exclusively for Lambtown Festival. Students who registered before the festival were invited to attend a webinar with the instructor, in which the instructor answered live questions from students. The recorded workshop is available for purchase now through the end of the year. Students have the opportunity to watch each video multiple times as they work through the techniques or simply soak up the expert advice.Buyers will receive links to download their Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link.


Instructor Bio: Brooke Sinnes is the owner of Sincere Sheep, a yarn brand focused on single-source, breed-specific, and custom-made yarns that are naturally dyed. Brooke finds it continually rewarding that through naturally dyed textiles we have an intrinsic link to our past and future. Like a thread throughout human history, dyes, colors and textiles have created a connection around the world to culture, geography, commerce and family.

Recorded Approachable Indigo Dyeing workshop