Want to repeat design elements in your yarn? With the reincarnation of the carding board into Blending Boards or Artist Pallets the demand has risen for instruction on all the possibilities of fiber preparation on these boards. Do you want to blend long and short fibers together? Have trouble keeping inclusions in when spinning? In this workshop students will learn both woolen and worsted fiber preparation techniques on the blending board using an assortment of colorful common fibers. Tricks and techniques will be taught and practiced. Students will come away with fiber preps and the knowledge of how to repeat both. Those that wish to work on woolen spinning from rolags will also work on woolen techniques.


Friday, October 4, 2019

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Instructor: Gwen Powell


Materials Fee: $20 (included in class fee)

Materials Fee Includes: Fiber for use on the blending board


Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Students Will Learn: Students will develop the skill to use the blending board to get the preparations they want. They will become proficient at making rolags, roving and top out of both long and short fibers. They will learn the different aspects and techniques of blending unlike fibers together.


Students Will Take Home: Students will have a wide selection of prepared fiber (rolags, top, roving) from the skills they learned on the blending board.


Students Should Bring: Blending Board if you have one (please do not bring a Duncan blending board or anything as sharp) Blending Boards are available in class. Wheel in excellent working order that student knows how to use or spindle that student is proficient with. Scissors. Pieces of 18 inch wide by minimum 18 in (but can be much longer) scrap plain weave lightweight cotton fabric. Example: torn up bed sheet, quilt scrap or muslin. The fabric is for organizing and storing your rolags and will be explained in class. Pencil and paper for notes

203 - Comprehensive Blending Board

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