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Workshops and an exciting Sheep to Shawl update!

Welcome back! We have big news to share about the Sheep to Shawl competition and expanded workshop days!

Have you marked your calendars yet? Get out your pen and calendar, or add it to your digital calendar. Lambtown Festival is happening October 5th and 6th!

Sheep to Shawl moving to Sunday!

The Sheep to Shawl and Cook-Off are two of our mostly highly attended and hotly contested competitions. In order to continue the wonderful growth we have seen in both events, they will be held on separate days at this year's Lambtown Festival. The Cook-Off will remain on Saturday, with Sheep to Shawl - the largest competition of it's kind in the country last year - taking place on Sunday.

Workshop Days Expanding

This year we have decided to open up workshops an additional day! With the addition of Thursday, October 3rd, we will have a lighter offering on Sunday so that you can attend or participate in this year's Sheep to Shawl. We are offering workshops from Thursday - Sunday allowing more options for class sign-ups to learn skills or hone your abilities.



Fiber Preparation


This is just a sample of types of classes we will be offering. We have an exciting list of very talented, expert teachers lined up to join us this fall.

Workshops will be announced later this month!

Thank you to our newest Sponsor!

Lambtown Festival is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. The festival would not take place - or be able to further its mission of celebrating, educating, and promoting lamb - without our generous sponsors. Would you consider sponsoring Lambtown Festival?

We hope we can count on you to make this year’s Lambtown Festival one of our biggest and best yet!

Join the community and use #lambtownfestival2019 to see how we are preparing and to share your excitement!

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Lady Lucky
Lady Lucky
01 de dez. de 2023

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