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Alisha Reyes

205 - Spinning Yarn for Beginners - On the Wheel

208 - Color Play - Dyeing Yarn

Alisha Reyes is a Jill of All Crafts and owns a creative, community based, fiber-art studio located in Sonoma County, California. With over 10 years experience knitting and 5 years teaching, Alisha's goal is to provide aspiring, proficient and expert fiber artists/crafters with an abundant source of knowledge and community! She currently lives in the beautiful countryside of West Petaluma, CA with her 4 year old son and husband. 


Brooke Sinnes

305 - Introduction to Natural Dyes

Brooke has been naturally dyeing for the past 15 plus years.  She is the owner of Sincere Sheep where she naturally dyes yarn and fibers with a focus on domestically sourced and spun breed specific wool yarns.


Carson Demers

201 - Ergonomics at Your Spinning Wheel - Ergonomics for Spinners

303 - Knitting Happily Ever After - Ergonomics for Knitters

By day, Carson is a physical therapist who manages an ergonomics program for a San Francisco Bay Area medical center. Every other moment, he’s knitting, spinning, designing, teaching, writing, or otherwise up to some fiber fun, always with a watchful eye toward ergonomics. His passion and experience in fiber arts combine with his expertise in physical therapy and ergonomics to create a unique skill set that he eagerly shares with the fiber community. He has taught at local yarn shops, guilds, and major knitting, spinning, and crafting events across the country. His aim is to keep us all creating healthfully and comfortably ever after.    Carson is the author and publisher of, Knitting Comfortably: The Ergonomics of Handknitting, and a regular contributor to Ply magazine, and several other fiber publications. Visit him on line at to learn more.


Gwen Powell

204 - Use Your Stash to Build a Complex Colorway - Blending Board

301 - Comprehensive Blending Board - I can do that!

Gwen Powell holds the HGA Certificate of Excellence Master in Handspinning. Gwen began teaching basketry at age ten and all the other fiber arts she picked up along the way. Currently she teaches all ages to knit, crochet, weave, spin and sew. Working with Henry Clemes together they re-invented the carding board into a safe useful tool for fiber preparation for handspinners and felters. Gwen is occasionally published in PLY Magazine, Spin-Off and is the author of Blending Board Basics and Beyond. 


Hazel Spencer

306 - Pin Loom Weaving

Hazel Spencer and her husband Randy own Hazel Rose Looms. They have made small weaving looms in Trinity Center (outside of Redding) since 2000 and have sold looms worldwide. Hazel taught art, including weaving & other fiber arts, at their local K-8 school for 17 years. She has been teaching weaving on the internet and at fiber fairs for many years. Making clothing & useful items for their home is her favorite use of her hand-woven fabric.


Joan McGowan Michael

206 - Whip Your Knits into Shape

209 - Get a Foot Up on Toes UP

McGowan-Michael has been a professional fashion designer for over twenty five years, styling garments for retailers as diverse as Frederick's of Hollywood and JC Penney. She founded her company, White Lies Designs in 2001. It has since become the original go-to resource for lingerie patterns for hand knitting, and other romantic, vintage inspired knitwear styles. The thread that runs through all of her work is the celebration of romance and the feminine form. All of her beautiful designs are available in a wide range of sizes from petite to plus.


Melanie Perkins

306 - Wool Processing for Spinning

311 - Beginning Wheel Spinning and Plying

Crockett Handspun is a small company dedicated to the preservation and promotion of fiber arts. Run by fiber artisan Melanie Perkins, Crockett Handspun uses locally-sourced fiber and dyes.  I try my best to use environmentally responsible processes in my work.  I have been knitting and crocheting since I was six, taught by my mother and grandmother.  I have been spinning and preparing fiber for about seven years.  I do contract spinning and knitting, mostly for local producers.


Robin Lynde

102 - Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

206 - Rigid Heddle Weaving with Clasped Warp and Weft

207 - Creations with CoreSpun Yarn

305 - Raising Sheep for Fiber and Fun

Robin owns Meridian Jacobs, where she raises Jacob sheep, sells yarn and fiber equipment, and teaches classes. Robin started spinning and weaving as a hobby 37 years ago and now weaving is her vocation. She sells her handwoven pieces locally and on-line and they have been featured in several issues of Handwoven magazine. She is an active member of the Northern California Fibershed, promoting locally grown textiles.


Sarah Gilbert

308 - How to prep fiber to send to a mill

We are a family-owned fiber processing mill based in Ukiah, CA. We custom process locally sourced animal fiber for producers  and farmers and supply locally sourced fiber products to artisans. Our mission is to grow the domestically sourced fiber economy while supporting everyone along that supply chain with quality products that are good for the environment: the farmers, the producers, the artisans and the consumer. We also have a loom in the mill that is available for contract weaving projects. Spinning services will be available soon. In addition to fiber processing, classes and workshops are available on many fiber related subjects.


Sharon Mansfield

202 - Felted Pumpkin

Sharon has been weaving, carding and spinning since the 1970s and learned how to felt from her sister, Carin Engen, in 2008. Over the last decade she has perfected her technique and has taught thousands of students how to felt. She enjoys both nuno and wet felting and uses needle felting sparingly to add detail to her vibrant art pieces. She has also raised sheep, and is an avid dyer (including acid, indigo and botanical) of fibers ranging from wool to silk to cotton. Her pieces have been featured in Mary Janes Farm, Belle Armoir, Blue Line Arts Gallery and the Sacramento Center for Fine Arts, where she has also served as a judge. In her early days of spinning and weaving, Sharon took lessons from Bert Barrow and Monique Anglin. In recent years, she has taken workshops from U.S. and Europe based fiber artists including Annalisa Hedgestrom, India Flint, Leiko Uchiyama, Nicola Brown and Melissa Arnold. She looks forward to teaching at her first ever Lambtown Festival.


Stephenie Gaustad

101 - Gimme Shine! Combing and Spinning for Luster

304 - Off a Distaff?

307 - Skein in Search of a Purpose

Stephenie Gaustad began working in textile arts at the tender age of 8. She began weaving and spinning in 1972 and has been teaching fiber arts: spinning, weaving, and dyeing since 1974. She has taught across the US and Canada. In 2001, she illustrated Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning. Thirteen years later she wrote and illustrated her own, Practical Spinners Guide to Cotton, Flax and Hemp. When asked her favorite spinning fiber she responds, laughing, “The one in my hand.” When asked, “What do you like to do best: to spin, weave, dye, or teach?” Her answer is, “Yes!”

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