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Virtual Lambtown Festival 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be coffee?

We encourage you to enjoy your favorite beverage while attending the virtual events of Lambtown Festival, although we won’t be able to provide a coffee cart or beer garden this year. If you happen to be in Dixon, we recommend picking up coffee from Solano Baking Co.

Is there an entry fee?

While we are not charging attendees a “gate fee,” we would greatly appreciate $5 or more in daily admission, which can be paid via our Admissions page.

Will there be workshops?

Our virtual workshops have already taken place, but recorded versions of those workshops are available.

I love walking through the vendor halls, chatting with the business owners and making purchases. How will that work at a virtual festival?

The virtual vendor hall in our app has a page for each vendor to share a bit about themselves and their company. Many vendors will also participate in live interviews during festival weekend and offer "open house" Zoom sessions to allow for more personal interaction.

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